Queen Nefertiti Bracelets

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Feel like a queen with these Queen Nefertiti Bracelets; a set of two inspired by the nobility of ancient Egypt. The timeless motif of Nefertiti - revered as a goddess and a powerful monarch - speaks to the embodiment of strength and majesty. With each bracelet crafted from polished metal, you can take a slice of regal history everywhere you go.

Bracelets are made of titanium and stainless steel. Width is adjustable. 

Allergy Note:
Stainless Steel, like brass, is an alloy. However, the materials that go into making stainless steel are some of the mildest your skin will ever feel. These include iron, carbon, and chromium. In some cases, some titanium may be added to increase strength. Some formulations can consist of nickel. However, the concentrations are too small to cause any problems for the wearer.

Why Choose Mseljoy Accessories

My focus is to bring unique pieces of jewelry curated from around the world to women everywhere. I set myself apart in this offering because I consider the total woman when choosing my product offerings.  Women possess beauty that is unique and individual to them. Each piece I offer has a meaning that I endeavor to translate to the buyer. I believe that accessories are an essential part of dress. Accessories can make or break a look. So why not be bold in your pursuit of accessories?

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