Prepare Prepare Prepare and then Receive

Posted by Linda Moore on

Recently during prayer time, I was seeking God about my business. Well actually, I was pleading with him to show me what I need to to do prosper in my business. I asked him to send customers to  me because he knows who they are. He knows who needs the products I offer. I kept on focusing on the question of what am I doing wrong. He said in a voice loud and clear: "Well are you ready to receive. When the customers come are you ready? You need to get and stay organized! Put stuff in their proper place!"

Wow! I left that prayer session knowing that I had to make room for what was going to be a blessing. I had to make sure I had what I needed to get an order out the door and that I executed each order in an organized manner and not in my usual frenzy.

God wants us to live victoriously and He wants to perfect us in Him and His ways. I am so glad He does.

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